So now my parents have left Singapore and I’m a 21 year old with Singapore all to himself.

Well, I was a bit tired of Singapore. After doing the main attractions I felt that I had exhausted the city. It’s a shame but I decided to explore deeper into the city to try and disprove that Singapore isn’t dull.


I read about the tropical island Pulau Ubin. An island that is a short boat ride away and would transport me to a bygone era. I thought that this would be a great way to spend some time in Singapore, especially as it wasn’t a tourist hub.

Taking a taxi to Changi is the only expense and once there a very cheap boat will take you across the water where you can absorb the beautiful scenery.


The island is a wildlife paradise that is unspoilt and easy to navigate. I chose to rent a bike, with basket, so that I could have my bag off my shoulders… I looked like I was in the film E.T. I began cycling passing wooden houses on dusty lanes. I had been teleported away from the condos and high rises of the city and was experiencing an untouched Singapore. This was a rare opportunity to do so and one that is worth doing. Wild boar roam the island and they will scurry behind dense foliage.


The island is beautiful and there are areas where cycling is forbidden. So after locking my bike I trekked through jungle terrain and reached a guided path. This path would wind through the jungle floor and along the coastline making it a mesmerising and wondrous walk. During the walk, watch towers would emerge and make for great vantage points to see landscapes reminiscent of Jurassic World – though wearing high heel shoes like Claire Dearing would be foolish.


There is so much natural beauty here and I spent a good 4 hours here before my legs were tiring and my body could no longer produce sweat. Cycling in the mid afternoon heat was not the smartest calculation.

I took a boat back and ate in a nearby restaurant.

The City

Having restored balance to my weary body I made my way to the Fountain of Wealth. This fountain has featured in The Amazing Race, my favourite TV show and I just had to make a stop here. The fountain is the largest in the world and is a giant bronze ring that cascades water. To my horror, upon arriving there was no water! A fountain without water is like fish without chips or Keenan without Kel or Jennifer Lawrence without falling on the red carpet!

Still wanting to explore it, I descended into an underground mall where numerous restaurants were operating. It was here that I realised you could walk into the centre of the fountain. In the centre of the fountain is a small ring that was pumping up a small jet of water. Place one hand in the water and walk clockwise around it three times whilst keeping your hand in the water at all times. If successful, make a wish.


I left, a little deflated that the gigantic bronze ring wasn’t gushing out water. I decided to grab some food from the food court and order a red dragon fruit juice. I made my way upstairs when all of a sudden the fountain had come to life. It was extremely beautiful and I was extremely glad to have seen it.

Night was falling and I decided to return to Gardens by the Bay. Although having no interest in the greenhouses, I was interested to get a better glimpse of the artificial “Supertrees”. Arriving at night they were much prettier and I felt like a Na’vi on Pandora. I was a little slow in making it to the musical light show but did catch the last few moments of it where I could hear Disney songs playing.


Within the gardens I located the roof terrace at Esplanade. This is within the park and is a grassy area on top of a small building. Despite not being tall this terrace offered the best city view of Singapore. The Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands could be seen at the same time with the high rises of Singapore in between. This was a great place to relax and admire the view.

Singapore was over. I had spent my Birthday and Easter here and I did manage to find things to do throughout my time but did find it a little underwhelming. I would not return to Singapore but for a short trip, Singapore offers a decent city break.



I stayed in two hotels in Singapore and both were luxurious high end hotels.

The first hotel was the Orchard Hotel. It was a grand hotel with gigantic swimming pool. The room was fair but not so magnificent as to make it amazing. I made use of the club house facilities and got to enjoy unlimited drinks and food at certain times. The staff were very courteous and the door staff very welcoming and genuinely friendly. They took an actual interest in what my family and I were doing. Overall, this hotel was very good but not too spectacular.

The second hotel I stayed in was The Westin. Now, this hotel was by far the best hotel I have ever stayed in. I was in ore. The lobby itself is standard and the location ok, but the rooms are where the joy lays. I was upgraded to a better room upon arriving and shown a room so big that I almost died of happiness. The bed could easily fit five people, clearly the hotel has many wild orgies. There was an office desk and windows that acted as walls, looking out onto the sea and city. Screenshot_2015-11-12-13-01-26

The bathroom was spectacular. A bathtub that looked out onto the city with just a transparent window protecting my modesty. A rain shower also had the same luxury. Everything about the room was perfect and finding the best position for a single person to make maximum use of a giant’s bed was fun.


The hotel also came with a gorgeous infinity pool. Everyone knows about the Marina Bay Sands infinity pool but if you want a pool that is not so busy but offering similarly stunning views then the Westin is a great option.20150408_090552

Both the Westin and Orchard hotel gifted me free cake for my birthday so I was definitely very happy with both hotels. The Orchard even gave me a bottle of wine! There is no denying though that the Westin is pure class. If I am ever looking to stay in a luxury hotel then I will make sure to consider The Westin.

Although I did not stay in The Raffles Hotel I did go there for my birthday dinner. The hotel was not as grand as I would have thought. However, the food was very yummy and they got the escargot cooked beautifully. However, I was not disappointed that I did not stay here as the two other hotels I was in were, at a glance, superior.

Travel Tips:

The airport has a cheap shuttle service that will take you to many different hotels. If you are a single traveller this will be cheaper than taking a taxi.

The G-Max reverse bungee requires a minimum of two people so make sure you have enough people if you want to ride or befriend some strangers.

The Amazing Race Destinations

. The Singapore Flyer

. All 5 Merlions

. Sentosa

. Roof Terrace at Esplande

. Marina Bay Sands Hotel

All photos taken by myself. Follow me on Instagram: Arik_Dane


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